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RT1050 QSPI Boot image

Question asked by Christian Gradl on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng

I'm using the EVK board with µVision Keil. I have dismounted the hyperflash and use the QSPI Flash.
My firmware can now read and program the qspi flash.
I have set boot pins to QSPI.
What are the steps to create qpsi image, so that my firmware starts from QSPI flash?
The documents AN12108.pdf and AN12107.pdf say to use elftosb.exe to get a "" file.
In Keil µVision i changed my linker script file to "MIMXRT1052xxxxx_flexspi_nor.scf", recompiled my firmware, copied the AXF file to the elftosb directory and started the image process as described in the documents.

"elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_shantal.bin shantal.axf"

=> Elftosb.exe crashes.


Then i changed the addresses in the Linkerscript file to 0x60002000, etc.

"elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_shantal.bin shantal.axf"


ivt_shantal.bin and ivt_shantal_nopadding.bin are now in the directory


Then i executed

"elftosb.exe -f kinetis -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_shantal_nopadding.bin"


I programmed the "" into the QSPI flash with an programmer and switched the bootcfg to QSPI load.
But after power up nothing happened. I checked content of the QSPI flash, everything ok.


Whats wrong here?