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JM60 USB Bootloader

Discussion created by Marion Kristoffer Lao on Oct 24, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2008 by DerekLau
Hi All,
        i'm currently having a project using mc9s08jm60 and i'm interested in using the usb bootloader capability. i've already read the AN3561pdf. Just want to ask some questions regarding the AN3561SW. First, I was wondering why the value in the Flash Protection Register is 0xFA and not 0xFB. it was stated that the Bootloader code starts at 0xFC00. Isn't it that the address before 0xFC00 is 0xFB and not 0xFA?Second is, how would I determine the start and end address if I will redirect the vector table?Will I have the liberty to change this myself or is the redirection of vector table permanently 0xFBC0-0xFBFD?Lastly, what does the address of 0xFABC mean in the UserEntry Function? I have so many questions because the pdf didn't explain these things.Thanks for your reply!