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Issue with FRDM K64 and STB AGM04

Question asked by Shubhra Biswas on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Dario Arias


First of all, I am a complete newbie to sensors.

I have purchased the FRDM STB AGM04 demo board and the FRDM K64F MCU board. Am now trying to use the Freedom Sensor Toolbox to view and log data. But other than the accelerometer demo project, whenever I choose a project, vast majority of the time (19 out of 20) I get an error message saying the sensor disconnected. Some of the messages I see are


Description:Time out has occurred for command ''Write Register'' in Register Page ''Test_Gyro.FXAS21002''


$ModuleName - Register Page
$OccurrenceTime - 07:36:35.897 PM
$CallChain - Register Page.lvlib:Board
Register Page.lvlib:Register
Register Page.lvlib:Register
$Command - Write Register
$RegisterPage - Test_Gyro.FXAS21002
$RegisterName - Group 1_CTRL_REG1


It does work from time to time so I must be missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks