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S12 project's Compiler Error

Question asked by Nao Nishii on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Nao Nishii


I use CW v10.7 and MC9S12ZVML128 PMSM Sensorless.

I used "not latest" projects ,so I installed latest package (AN5327_SW_CW10 and MTRCKTSPNZVM128_CW10).

And I installed MC9S12ZVM_AMMCLIB_v1.1.11.


Then, I tried to build these, but I got errors (Compiler Error).

I reinstalled CW and SW, AMMCLIB, but errors don't disappear.


I can build "not latest" projects, but the latest projects can't.

Isn't there something error in the latest file?

Or my installed files are something wrong?


If you know the cause or solution, please let me know.


For detail of the error, please check an attached file.

The error is very long, so file's error is part of all log.

(The error of AN5327 and MTRCKTSPNZVM128 are almost same.)


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