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MIMXRT1050-EVK - OpenSDA Segger J-Link

Question asked by Lukasz Grzymkowski on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Maureen Helm


I'm following the guide to run Zephyr on MIMXRT1050 EVK at

I have seen a few questions related to what I'm trying to find answers to, however, I don't think the answers address the issues I'm trying to figure out. 



I have installed OpenSDA 2.1 from Segger on the board in MSD mode, the device is discovered as Segger J-Link in device manager.

SW7 settings to  boot from HyperFlash. 

Board: MIMXRT1050-EVK, SCH-29538 REV A4, 700-29538 REV A

uC: MIMXRT1052 DVL6A 0N04V CTZA1738A


1. When I power the board, it loads the default application from the HyperFlash. When I program it using Segger j-link, I get my custom app output. After rebooting, the default application is loaded again. I take it this indicates that the application is run from RAM and not as XIP, i.e. hyper flash is not programmed, correct?

2. Is it possible to use on-board Open SDA J-link to program the HyperFlash?

3. I've installed MCUExpresso IDE with SDK for MIMXRT1050 support. Setup a new project for this board with a sample hello world xip code. It builds alright, finds the Segger J-Link probe, but I get the error in the image below. I understand that Freescale is part of NXP, MIMXRT1050 SDK is supported by MCUExpresso. How do I successfully establish a debug session using OpenSDA J-Link with this board?