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LPC-link2 external trigger for HSADC

Question asked by ravi thakur on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by jeremyzhou

I am using the LPC-link2 as a development board for the LPC4370. I want to use external trigger to initiate my HSADC0 capture. Page 454 and 455 of UM10503 describes the GIMA register that can be used to select the external trigger source. On further observation, pin P1_3 set as SGPIO10  on the LPC-link2 came out to be the best option for achieving this. I am doing the following to initialize it


  • Enabling the SGPIO clock: Chip_Clock_EnableOpts(CLK_PERIPH_SGPIO, true, true, 1);
  • Set SGPIO10 to input: LPC_SGPIO->GPIO_OENREG = (0 << 10);
  • Select the pin mux for P1_3 to be SGPIO10: Chip_SCU_PinMux(1, 3, 0, SCU_MODE_FUNC2 | SCU_MODE_PULLDOWN);
  • Select SGPIO10 as the trigger source in the GIMA


I am also attaching my code to this post. I am unable to trigger the HSADC0 with this set up. I see my external trigger at the pin of the MCU but no interrupt from HSADC indicating data in the fifo. If anyone has any suggestions about how I can achieve external trigger of HSADC0, I would really appreciate it.