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i.MX 6D ERR009623

Question asked by Toshishisa Sugiyama on Mar 16, 2018
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I have a question about errata ERR009623 of i.MX 6D.

There two workarounds.

- set Y stride line & UV stride to 16 bytes aligned when format is NI/PI 420/422 using SMFC
- change the IDMAC burst size of the particular pixel formats from 32 pixels to 16 pixels


When it chose the first workaround, does Y stride line and UV stride mean the parameter of Stride Line SLY and SLUV in Table 37-14. Channel Parameters Memory for non-interleaved (continued) of i.MX6DQ reference manual?

Then, should these SLV and SLUV  align 16 bytes when format is NI/PI 420/422?


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