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Kernel Configuration Problem for wayland distro

Question asked by Antonio Belussi on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by gusarambula

I followed the point  "Task#5-kernel of Yocto Training, for modifying my Kernel of the board "imx6sxsabre" to add new touchscreen device.


These are the steps I executed on my host machine:


$ bitbake -c menuconfig linux-imx

(change the kernel configuration to add support for egalax touchscreen)

$ cp tmp/work/imx6sxsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-imx/4.1.15-r0/build/.config ../sources/meta-fsl-arm/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx-4.1.15/imx/defconfig

$ bitbake -c cleansstate linux-imx

$ bitbake core-image-minimal


However I found out that the config file used for the kernel configuration is always the original. Looking into the recipes I discovered that the step do_copy_defconfig overwrite whatever kernel config file with the original one. This is the recipe step I am talking about, where the ${S} dir point to the tmp working dir, not to the sources dir like I was expecting.


do_copy_defconfig () {
if [ ${DO_CONFIG_V7_COPY} = "yes" ]; then
# copy latest imx_v7_defconfig to use for mx6, mx6ul and mx7
mkdir -p ${B}
cp ${S}/arch/arm/configs/imx_v7_defconfig ${B}/.config
cp ${S}/arch/arm/configs/imx_v7_defconfig ${B}/../defconfig



what am I doing wrong?

thank you in advance for the help