Jose Alberto Reyes Morales

PMIC PF3000 datasheet Rev. 9.0, 8/2017 Documentation Issue

Discussion created by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales Employee on Feb 23, 2018

Hello NXP Community,


I just want to inform you about a typo on the PMIC PF3000 datasheet Rev. 9.0, 8/2017.

On page 4 of the document claims that you can get 0.9V from VREFDDR:



However, on page26 the datasheet claims that VINREFDDR maximum voltage is 1.65V being 0.15V below the voltage needed (1.8V) and below the claim from page 4.



 Page 26 is correct (Max VREFDDR is 1.65V), so the max VREFDDR you can get with the PF3000 is:


VREFDDR = 1.65V / 2

VREFDDR = 0.825V


This issue has already reported to the Apps Engineers and should be corrected for the next revision of the datasheet.


- Jose