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mwct1013A : how to control MIN/MAX of Rail Voltage

Question asked by Devin Park on Feb 8, 2018

Hi experts,

I have a following system setup.

            HW : Wct-15wtxauto(mwct1013a)


I wonder if the MIN/MAX of Rail Voltage can be controlled by users on the system.

Especially, we want to change the MIN/MAX values depending on the system temperature in real time.


On Freemaster, “Minimum/Maximum Rail Voltage(mv)” are found.

But, the parameters are not used in .c files of SDK. Pls check whether the parameters are used the wct library(It’s a binary file. So we can’t know its internal logic).


Also we found below MACROs in HAL.h. These are used in HAL_SetVrailVoltage( ) API.

#define HAL_VRAIL_MAX_VOL   24000UL

#define HAL_VRAIL_MIN_VOL     3000UL

We guess the function really controls the Rail Voltage.

So the Min/MAX values of Rail Voltage may be applied inside the function if “Minimum/Maximum Rail Voltage(mv)” on freemaster are not used in the wct library.


Pls let me know how the MIN/MAX of Rail voltage can be configured in real-time