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How to program LPC43xx using USB

Discussion created by julien brissard on Jan 31, 2018
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I am currently using FlashMagic and USART0 to program my application on LPC43xx.

I want now to program my application using USB.

It seems possible according to LPC43xx user manuel (Chapter 5: LPC43xx Boot ROM).

The board is Keil MCB4300 and ULink2 debug Adapter (from keil)

I set P2_8,P2_9, P1_2 and P1_1 to select USB0 or USB1.

But what PC tool can I use to do it and what is the procedure ?

I found LPCScrypt tool, but I am not sure that it is the correct way to do it and I don't understand why I shall use the debugger. I am not sure that it could work with ULink2 since user guide mention a specific configuration on LPC-Link2.


I think that programming LPC43xx with a simple USB cable is common today, since the LPC have a specific USB boot mode. So could somebody help me to look at the correct way ?