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Can I interchange Simulink Blocks from one toolbox to the other ?

Question asked by Leon Thürnau on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by dumitru-daniel.popa
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Hello dumitru-daniel.popa


The Simulink blocks keeps a similar look-and-feel, but there might be different options due to IP differences.

the KV4x library also has a "FTM_Three_Phase Output" block.

So could you explain why I should use FTM_Three_Phase_Output or eFlexPWM_Three_Phase_Output ?


There is the FreeMASTER Config block, which I can't find in the KV4x library.

The Freemaster block implemented in S32K is brand new and contains enhancements what are only available on S32K products (and for all future releases)

In the old versions we will not find all these option. 

Nonetheless, you can modify the behavior by hand. If you go to ..\mctbx_Kinetis\mctbx_kv\src\FreeMaster_files you will find a file freemaster_cfg.h that is copied into the generated folder. You can change this file to configure the FreeMASTER to use RECORDER and INTERRUPTS.

So I have to use the „freemaster_data_recorder“ Block found in the kv4x Library instead of your S32K „freemaster_recorder_call“ in the "Fast Loop Control" Subsystem ?

What exactly I have to Change in the "freemaster_cfg.h" file ?



Also I have found this test Points in the fast Loop control:

Could you please explain the meaning of it ?

Is is explained here:

Thank you ! Great hint ! Now no additional Output blocks only for displaying the Signal are needed !