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T2081 rcu_preempt self-detected stall while flush TLB

Question asked by pan jiading on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Pedro Valladares

Hi all, 

   I am using the T2081, runnig Linux 3.12 . Our production is a Baseband Station.

   Some time while the program is running, the linux kernel occur some warnning about RCU like below:


INFO: rcu_preempt self-detected stall on CPU { 2 }

[c0000001f5206f60] [c000000000815090] .dump_stack+0x9c/0xf0
[c0000001f5206fe0] [c0000000000b0de0] .rcu_check_callbacks+0x40c/0x9a4
[c0000001f5207110] [c0000000000442d0] .update_process_times+0x50/0x94
[c0000001f52071a0] [c00000000009410c] .tick_sched_handle.isra.18+0x3c/0x50
[c0000001f5207210] [c00000000009417c] .tick_sched_timer+0x5c/0x98
[c0000001f52072b0] [c00000000005f790] .__run_hrtimer.isra.32+0x188/0x1e4
[c0000001f5207340] [c0000000000601f4] .hrtimer_interrupt+0x178/0x3f0
[c0000001f5207460] [c000000000010d60] .timer_interrupt+0x1f4/0x218
[c0000001f5207510] [c00000000001a054] exc_0x900_common+0x104/0x108
--- Exception: 901 at .smp_call_function_many+0x35c/0x3ec
LR = .smp_call_function_many+0x31c/0x3ec
[c0000001f5207800] [c00000000009ba48] .smp_call_function_many+0x2f8/0x3ec (unreliable)
[c0000001f52078e0] [c000000000025270] .__flush_tlb_page+0x17c/0x214
[c0000001f52079a0] [c000000000022dc4] .ptep_set_access_flags+0x90/0x14c
[c0000001f5207a40] [c0000000000eb1c8] .do_wp_page+0x52c/0xc20
[c0000001f5207b20] [c0000000000ee3c0] .handle_mm_fault+0x73c/0xbac
[c0000001f5207c00] [c000000000021fc4] .do_page_fault+0x340/0x748
[c0000001f5207e30] [c00000000001b1d4] storage_fault_common+0x20/0x44
CPU: 2 PID: 2601 Comm: tmf.exe Tainted: G O 3.12LINUX_V1.02.0 #1

(For detail please see the attachment: "Linux RCU STALL AND HUANG.txt")


When the warnning happen, the Linux is hung, may be that too many cpu is RCU Stall!

This happens at random, The law of reappearance has not been found yet。


How can I solve the Problem, do anyone have seen this problem before, 


I am looking forwoard to hearing from you 

Best Regard