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PN5180 has issue with long frames > 255 bytes

Question asked by Michael Pieber on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Michael Pieber

Dear Community,


I started using the PN5180 demo board in a project. Most stuff is working fine so far except for one thing:


The datasheet states the reception buffer has a size of 508 bytes. However, when I try to receive more than 284 bytes the PN5180 seems to stop receiving data at 284 bytes. The Rx-IRQ is set, the number of bytes received is fixed to 0x11C.

Furthermore, for frames with more than 255 bytes the PN5180 seems not checking the CRC (correctly).


According to the EEPROM content  I'm using version 3.4 which is a quite old one - but looking at the change information there was no change on that item.

EEPROM content address 0x10-0x15: 0x04 03 04 03 00 90


Any help is very much appreciated


Best, Michael