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Autostart networking with systemd .service files in 4.9 BSP?

Question asked by Rohan Mahy on Jan 19, 2018

In the GA version of the i.MX 6/7 BSP (morty branch with 4.9 Linux kernel), startup is now using systemd instead of systemV-style init scripts. In the previous release of the BSP with the 4.1 kernel and either the x11 or frame buffer DISTRO, networking started up automatically and the Ethernet interfaces would request a DHCP address if so configured in /etc/network/interfaces. 


With the morty BSP, networking no longer starts up by default in the x11 DISTRO. I can bring up interfaces by manually running ifconfig, udhcpc, wpa_supplicant, etc. but I would like them to start automatically. However, I cannot find the .service files needed to make this happen automatically. I would expect a networking.service or networkd.service and some kind of service for DHCP client, time synchronization (ntp client), and possibly DNS. I have searched in for recipes for networkd and related terms and I don't see anything relevant. What do I need to do to start networking automatically in my images based on the default x11 DISTRO?


I am using an i.MX6UL EVK.