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The question of boot in MPC565

Question asked by 榕 张 on Jan 18, 2018

Hello, I use the CodeWarriorV8.7 without operating system to compile MPC565 boot application. The configuration is booting from inner UC3F flash which need the hardware pin "/RSTCONF" is setting to "1" and register bit "/HC" is setting to "0". I program the boot application into UC3F_A and the RCW(UC3FCFIG) into UC3F_B. The inner address base is 0x00000000. And the  RCW(UC3FCFIG) is 0x10000000.

Besides, I used the USB TAP to debug ROM version, and the application could run. But When power on reset happened, the MPC565 can not boot normally. I have some following quesions:


1. are there other hardware pins need config when MPC565 boot from inner flash?

2. is my RCW(UC3FCFIG) wrong?

3. is my program loaded into wrong place?