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KEAZ128 custom control board cannot run application

Question asked by Indrajit Deshmukh on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Hui_Ma

I am using a KEAZ128 microcontroller on my custom control board. 

After the program is flashed onto the board, and power to the controller is reset, the program does not run. 

However, if I run the program on the custom board in debug mode via S32 design studio, then the program runs smoothly but only as long as the board is powered.  Also, while running in debug mode, the program continues to run fine even after removing the debug interface from the board between s32 design studio and the board. Its seems as if the program doesn't stay in flash if I am not in debug mode and I power cycle the controller.

I may be missing a key step here while trying to move from development board to a custom board but I am not sure what it could be at this point.

Any help is very appreciated.


IDE : S32 Design studio. (Not using Processor expert OR SDK; only using CLK and RTC related driver code) 

Flash Interface: Program is flashed via SWD interface onto the microcontroller using "Debug" configuration under S32 design studio and Multilink Universal FX.

Test program: Blinky LED (toggle LED every 1s).


The same code works perfectly fine when flashed onto KEAZ128 development board via SWD interface / s32 Design studio / Multilink Universal FX / Debug configuration and stays after power cycle. 


Any ideas or pointers on what am I missing here?