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Switch SDK Debug Console to UART

Question asked by Denis Collis on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Denis Collis

Environment:  MCUXpresso, K81 target, Segger J-Link debug probe, 

Reference: MCUXpresso IDE and Semihosting


With Semihosting the printf output appears in the MCUXpresso Console, as expected.  However, when I switch to UART (Quick Settings -> SDK Debug Console -> UART Console) no output is seen on the LPUART.   With UART selected, no output is sent to the MCUXpresso Console, as expected. 


I have checked that the  SDK_DEBUGCONSOLE define is correctly set (Quick Settings -> Defined Symbols).


I have also checked that the LPUART settings (In my case this is LPUART2 on PTD2/3.) are good.


BTW, LPUART Debug output works just fine with my projects on IAR EWARM, so I know the physical HW is OK.