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MPC5744P FCCU RCCU Fault Injection

Question asked by Peder Rogö on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Peder Rogö


We are using the FCCU NCFF register in MPC5744P to test some FCCU fault handling, for example we test the lock step fault handling by using


FCCU.NCFF.R = va_SUP_FCCU_FaultInjection;


and setting va_SUP_FCCU_FaultInjection to the values 11, 12 and 13.


For values 11 and 12 the behavior is as expected, i.e. theres is a long reset performed. But, for value 13 there seems not to be any reaction. 


Thus, is there any difference between the RCCU_0a/RCCU_0b and RCCU_1 faults that could explain this behavior?


We do the following initializations for these faults:

FCCU.NCF_E[0].B.NCFE11 = 0x1u; //Enable reaction on fault NCF[11] - RCCU_0a: Interface (other than D-MEM or DMA) out of lockstep
FCCU.NCF_E[0].B.NCFE12 = 0x1u; //Enable reaction on fault NCF[12] - RCCU_0b: D-MEM array interface out of lockstep
FCCU.NCF_E[0].B.NCFE13 = 0x1u; //Enable reaction on fault NCF[13] - RCCU_1: DMA array interface out of lockstep


/* Configure lock step faults reaction to long reset */
FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R |= 0x0A800000u;


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