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Unable to have custom i.MX233 board boot from SD Card

Question asked by Onno van der Leun on Jan 1, 2018



For the past months I'm trying to get my custom board with the i.MX233 boot from SD card. However without success, the only thing I get out on Debug UART, are the following boot codes:


The board is configured to use jumpers to for selecting the boot source. It's set to boot from SSP1 (see chapter 35 from Reference manual). I've also blown the SD_MBR_BOOT eFuse to enable MBR. SD_POWER_GATE_GPIO is set to 11 - no gate; Do I need to blow the ENABLE_UNENCRYPTED_BOOT eFuse?


Another thing I noticed is that when I search for 0x80501003, almost all results are about issues booting from SPI Flash chips. Not from SD Card. So am I missing something?


Pin 4 of the SD Card holder is connected to the 3v3 delivered by the i.MX233; I measured the voltage on pin 4 (VDD) and 6 (VSS) of the holder and it's reading 3.114V, could that be the issue? As far as I know this is still between the operating limits.


As attachment the schema for the card holder.

For testing I created a SDCard with only u-boot. Steps I followed are from: U-Boot for the iMX233-OLinuXino — Christian's Blog 


Hopefully someone can/will provide me with some tips on how to troubleshoot/fix this.


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