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SCI0 initialization on mc9s12g

Question asked by Andrea Cavazzoni on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by Andrea Cavazzoni

Hi everybody,

I need to implement SCI0 on MC9S12G240 and MC9S12G128. I create files header and C following AN2485 (not the same file, but more function are the same). To test my project I used TWR-S12G240 demoboard. I connect some test point on PS0 and PS1, but when I launch my program I don't see anything. I debug my program with my Codewarrior IDE and I see that interrupt is working (I put a breakpoint in the interrupt function and I see that the program enter in it until it ends the buffer transmission).

My question is: how can I set the PS0 and PS1 bit to have 2nd function (TxD and RxD).


many thanks and BR,

Andrea Cavazzoni