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s12zvm bootloader

Question asked by Sohyun Jang on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Sohyun Jang

I use s12zvm MCU.


And I wnat to make bootloader.


So, I refer to AN4723 and S12ZVM_Bootloader of AN4723SW.


I tested that my code downloading and running is OK.


I fix the code below(my application code),


      //ROM           = READ_ONLY   0xFE0000 TO 0xFFFDFF;
    ->  ROM           = READ_ONLY   0xFE0000 TO 0xFFF000;


But, I wonder how fix the code(my application code),


      OSVECTORS     = READ_ONLY     0xFFFE10 TO   0xFFFFFF;   /* OSEK interrupt vectors (use your vector.o) */


I know that 0xFFFE00 ~ 0xFFFFFF is Interrupt and Startup Vector of bootloader at AN4723 p.9.


Does not matter if I do not fix the code?