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Can not debug MIMXRT1050-EVK Rev. A4 in OSX

Question asked by Ryan Shuttleworth on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Ryan Shuttleworth

Hello I am using MCUXpresso IDE, version v10.1.0 [Build 589] [2017-11-14] with an MIMXRT1050-EVK SDK, version  2.3.0 (2017-11-16).   I was previously using a Rev. A3 of the MIMXRT1050-EVK and was able to program and debug via the OpenSDA interface under both Linux and OSX.  Our new A4 boards do not enumerate under Linux and although they enumerate under OSX, they can not be debugged under OSX.  When a debug is attempted the following error occurs:


MCUXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v10.1 (Nov  9 2017 16:49:12 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 360)
Found chip XML file in /Users/ryan/Documents/MCUXpressoIDE_10.1.0/workspace/evkmimxrt1050_demo_apps_hello_world_xip/Debug/MIMXRT1052xxxxx.xml
Reconnected to existing redlink server (PID 4294967295)
Connecting to probe 1 core 0 (server PID unknown) gave 'OK'
Probe Firmware: DAPLink CMSIS-DAP (ARM)
Serial Number:  0227000041114e45003d300dc40300105ab1000097969900
VID:PID:  0D28:0204
USB Path: USB_0d28_0204_14220000_ff00
debug interface type      = <unknown> (DAP DP ID 0BD11477) over SWD
processor type            = Cortex-M7 (CPU ID 410FC270)
number of h/w breakpoints = 8
number of flash patches   = 0
number of h/w watchpoints = 4
Probe(0): Connected&Reset. DpID: 0BD11477. CpuID: 410FC270. Info: <None>
Debug protocol: SWD. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
Content of CoreSight Debug ROM(s):
RBASE E00FD000: CID B105100D PID 000008E88C ROM dev (type 0x1)
ROM 1 E00FE000: CID B105100D PID 04000BB4C8 ROM dev (type 0x1)
ROM 2 E00FF000: CID B105100D PID 04000BB4C7 ROM dev (type 0x1)
ROM 3 E000E000: CID B105E00D PID 04000BB00C ChipIP dev SCS (type 0x0)
ROM 3 E0001000: CID B105E00D PID 04000BB002 ChipIP dev DWT (type 0x0)
ROM 3 E0002000: CID B105E00D PID 04000BB00E ChipIP dev (type 0x0)
ROM 3 E0000000: CID B105E00D PID 04000BB001 ChipIP dev ITM (type 0x0)
ROM 2 E0041000: CID B105900D PID 04001BB975 ARCH 23B:4A13r0 CoreSight dev type 0x13 Trace Source - core
ROM 2 E0042000: CID B105900D PID 04004BB906 CoreSight dev type 0x14 Debug Control - Trigger, e.g. ECT
ROM 1 E0040000: CID B105900D PID 04000BB9A9 CoreSight dev type 0x11 Trace Sink - TPIU
ROM 1 E0043000: CID B105F00D PID 04001BB101 System dev (type 0x0)
CM7 Rev. 0.0  DTCM: 512KB  ITCM: 512KB
LoUU: Level 2: LoC: Level 2
Level 1 Cache Type: Instruction+Data
ICache 32K: WT: Y WB: Y RA: Y WA: Y NumSets:  512 Assoc:   2 LineSize:  8
DCache 32K: WT: Y WB: Y RA: Y WA: Y NumSets:  256 Assoc:   4 LineSize:  8
Inspected v.2 External Flash Device on SPI using SPIFI lib MIMXRT1050-EVK_S26KS512S.cfx
Image 'MIMXRT1050-EVK_S26KS512SOct 19 2017 16:37:47'
Opening flash driver MIMXRT1050-EVK_S26KS512S.cfx
chip initialization failed - Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.
failed to find a target memory area to use to test the Debug Access Port
required information about vendor NXP chip MIMXRT1052xxxxx not found
Failed on chip setup: Ec(01). Invalid part, XML, or configuration.
error closing down debug session - Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.


I have tried changing the DAPLink firmware as I had to do on the A3 revisions but this did not fix the issue.


Any insight into this issue would be appreciated, thanks.