Harald Regele

COP function ok, but COP interrupt does not occur , at S12XDP512

Discussion created by Harald Regele on Oct 2, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2008 by kef
I have a strange result.
I need a information if a COP reset has occured to generate a errormessage in the EEPROM
The COPCTL is loaded at startup  with RSBCK_M_=1 CR2_=1 CR1_=1 CR0_=1. 
In the debugger I see, when the COP is served that no reset occur.  When I dont serve it, a reset accur.
I set at the vectoraddress 0xFFFA (COP-interrupt) to a function, on which I set a breakpoint.  But when the COP timeout occur, the the cop-ISR is not called.
I read somewhere in the forum, that COP-ISR could not be service, when a the reset-pin is connected to a 0,1uF , on my board the reset pin is dirctly connected to a voltage-IC with reset output.
How, can I fetch or generate the real COP-ISR??