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Automotive Ethernet Evaluation

Question asked by Simen Skrlep on Dec 5, 2017



I want to try the Automotive Ethernet and figure out, if we can use it for one of our projects. I need a switch board and two nodes. I have found a few evaluation boards that we could use but have couple of questions about them.


OM14510-SJA1105TJP Switch:


  1. The board user guide setup instructions say that you need a Media Converter to connect the board with a PC, next to the USB connection. Is that really necessary and why?
  2. It is crucial for us to use Deterministic Ethernet (TTEth). The description says, that the board supports both SJA1105EL and SJA1105TEL. Does that mean that the both switches are on the board or that there are different variants of the board and I need to select the correct one (with the SJA1105TEL)?
  3. Does the included software support TTEth Data Line Layer as well?



TJA1100HN 100BASE-T1 PHY Customer Evaluation Board:


  1. I’m thinking we could use this for a node. But it still must be attached to a host CPU. Could you suggest any dev\eva boards that this can be attached to?
  2. The User Guide states that the board uses a Delphi AMEC100 connector for single twisted pair. The board general description states that the cable is attached to the board via a screw connector. Which one is it? Or is this the same thing?



MPC5606E Evaluation Board:


  1. The MPC5606E has an integrated 100base-T1 (BroadR-Reach) transceiver, but its primary function is Audio\Video transmission. Is it possible to use alternative functions of A\V pins for simple I\Os (e.g. sensor and motor control data)?
  2. Is there software included for the MCU programming?



Does NXP offer any other of-the-shelf products for Automated Ethernet evaluation?