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Question asked by yalamanda dosakyala on Dec 4, 2017

Hi All, I am using s32ds v1.2 power pc in my ubuntu , I am working on FlexCAN for mpc5748g EVB , I am able send&receive CAN messages with can0 and can1 ports. But I want use can3 and can4 as there are 8 flexcan modules available for 5748g , I checked the PIN IO sheet, there are multiple tx/rx pins for each flexcan .I have configured pj[11] and pj[12] as tx and rx respectively and connected to tx and rx pins of the can0 transceiver. But it is not working.


I have checked with other pins configuration pf[8],pf[9] and pk[5],pk[6] also. But none of them are working.


Can any one help me how to solve this issue.