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MCUXpresso not killing redlinkserv.exe after terminating debug session on LPC4078

Question asked by Leo Rampen on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Leo Rampen

I've recently upgraded from LPCXpresso to MCUXpresso. LPCXpresso is still installed on the machine that I'm havnig problems with.


I'm trying to run/debug a project targeting a custom LPC4078 board. I can debug the project fine, but when I right click on the debug session and choose either "Terminate" or "Terminate and Relaunch", MCUXpresso doesn't kill redlinkserv.exe and so when I next go to debug the software (or it launches a new debug session automatically when I choose "Terminate and Relaunch", I get the error:


No debug targets available

All SWD targets are currently connected to other debug sessions.


However, by this point the debug session listed in the debug window is shown as terminated.


The solution is to kill redlinkserv.exe in the task manager. Obviously if you're debugging things frequently this is quite tedious.


I don't have this problem with an old version of LPCXpresso running on the same machine. I can repeatedly terminate and relaunch debug sessions without issue. LPCxpresso did have this issue rarely, but rarely enough that it didn't significantly impact debugging.


Is this a bug or a configuration issue on my machine? Does anyone else have this problem debugging LPC targets using MCUXpresso 10.1.0?


I'm running Windows 10