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MPC574xP MBD Toolbox software configuration

Question asked by Maciek on Nov 28, 2017
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I've just installed MBD Toolbox for MPC574xP. I've installed for R2017b and encounterd an error with comment:

"Undefined function 'slsfnagctlr' for input arguments of type 'char'"

After search in forum I've found that toolbox should be installed in older version of Matlab. So I want to 're-install' for R2016b. My configuration is:

R2016b; MBD Toolbox v2.0.0; S32 for Power Arch. v1.2




At first, after installation in R2017b, libraries were not visible in Library browser - with comment about 'some libraries are missing something...' and a window with option to 'update/solve' problem with libraries. After clicking - lib browser greyed out and after a while libraries were visible. But when I now go to R2016b (libraries are visible) and try to open any example model - I got hundreds of warnings and after clicking build: 


Failed to load library 'mbd_pnt_ec_toolbox' referenced by 'test_pnt/Digital_Output'
Caused by:
Model 'mbd_pnt_ec_toolbox' was created with a newer version (R2017b) of Simulink
To disable this error message, use Simulink preferences.
To create a model that is compatible with this version of Simulink, load the model in Simulink R2017b and select File > Export Model to > Previous Version.


I don't want to mess with this installation further. What is the easiest way to solve this ? Uninstalling  the toolbox and reinstalling it using at the end of process only R2016b ? And how ?



Should I apply the hotfix: "HotFix: MBD Toolbox rev2.0.0 for MPC5744P (Panther)" for S32 for PA v1.2 ? (I have v1.2 and Toolbox v2.0)