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i.MX 6D RST_to_CKE

Question asked by Toshishisa Sugiyama on Nov 27, 2017
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I'd like to know the clock source of counting RST_to_CKE and SDE_to_RST in MMDC module.

What clock source generate this 15.258uS cycle?

I guess source clock is 32KHz CKIL, according to reference manual description below.

If 32KHz Xtal doesn't use,  it varies the timing a lot and it cannot keep JEDEC spec.

How should that timing keep without X'tal? 


DDR3: Time from SDE enable to CKE rise. In case that DDR reset# is low, will wait until it's high and then
wait this period until rising CKE. (JEDEC value is 500 us)
LPDDR2: Idle time after first CKE assertion (JEDEC value is 200 us).
NOTE: Each cycle in this field is 15.258 us.


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