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LIN Slave error in S9KEAZ128ACLH

Question asked by Gordon Li on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Hui_Ma

Hi NXP expert,


We are using S9KEAZ128ACLH with LIN2.x and SAE J2602 Stack (REV v4.5.9). Our module works as LIN slave. And we only call two functions: ret_8 = l_sys_init() and ret_8 = l_ifc_init(LII0) to initialize the LIN stack. No other LIN stack functions are called in our software. The watchdog is also disabled. 

We halted the slave program in debug mode with CodeWarrior and resume it after about 1 second. The connection with LIN master is lost. But if we did the same operation to the master program, the system can still work fine. Could you help to give some suggestion for these two different behaviors in master and slave node?


When the connection was lost in LIN slave, we try to re-execute the initialization functions: l_sys_init() and l_ifc_init() and the connection cannot be setup again. How can the slave node reconnect to the LIN network without reset the whole slave node?



Gordon Li