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Config pin tools with MKW41Z512xxx4

Question asked by Da An on Nov 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Petr Struzka

Hi! When I try to edit my previous SDK (MKW41Z512xxx4) with the config pin tools I get the message "Processor MKW41Z512xxx4, ksdk2_0 version is not supported by current version of the tool". It was working a few days ago before your update to the new version of the MCUxpresso SDK Builder. 


Is there a possibility to use the old version of the SDK Builder or to know when my processor will be availabile with this new version?


I saw that your pin tools is now integrated to MCUXpresso IDE v10.1.0 but I have a few errors with my project and with the examples when I use the new IDE. I did not make the switch yet with this new version because of these errors.