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SAK 38 - could this be changed to default to SAK 18 on an emulation?

Question asked by G. C-D on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2018 by G. C-D

Dear Community,


We want to use a card emulating the NFC protocols (Classic and Desfire), but we would like to see a different default behavior.

Currently the card will answer with SAK 38 (being an emulation of both protocols), but some of the readers would expect 18 / 28, not 38.

The next issue is: The newer readers will request the ATR to check for Desfire, which will put the card in Desfire mode. But the overall system is not yet migrated, so the most preferred way would be to have the card default to Classic, and enable Desfire via a dedicated command (this would mean admin overhead, but would be o.k.).


Any ideas of how to deal with this, or anybody else facing similar issues?

Thank you for feedback!


P.S.: The chip is P60D144J