Sibin Thomas

how to change usbd_rom_msc_ram mass storage location to external sdram

Discussion created by Sibin Thomas on Nov 11, 2017

Hi everyone,


I am working on lpc4357 controller and using usbd_rom_msc_ram example from lpcopen_3_01_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpcxpresso_4337. This example uses internal ram (0x20004000) to create mass storage of 12kb. I am trying to develop bootloader code for my application which requires more storage space. How do I modify this example to create mass storage on an external sdram (0x28000000). I have successfully initialized sdram using EMC and I am able to write and read from sdram. Now I tried to change the MSC_MEM_DISK_BASE to 0x28000000, but when connected to PC it is asking to "format this disk". When I try to format it is showing "windows cannot format this disk". Am I missing something or is there something else to be done ? Any suggestion would be helpful.