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i.MX8 SCU configurations

Question asked by Shabeer Badarudheen on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hi All,


We are using i.MX8 for a new product. Let me help to clear my queries!

1. I have got SC FW APIs doc and "NXP MakeSCD Tool Guide" from freescale community but didn't find the "MakeSCD tool". From where will we get the tool?
2. If we want to assign a peripheral (for example I2C) to M4 core , do we need to assign it using SCI FW API in u-boot or need to configure using  MakeSCD utility.
3. I have seen SC FW APIs in Linux source code also. Does it mean SCI APIs will work on linux and similar OSes(QNX,Integrity etc.)?


Thanks in Advance,