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STMP3760 SigmaTel write to NAND Flash

Question asked by Ioan Benelux on Sep 26, 2008
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I am working with a SigmaTel STMP3760 and I need to read/write the values to an array to the NAND Flash. I have a NAND Flash Daughtercard (STMP36xx NAND Flash Rev. C).
I have the SDK Framework - SDK OS Media and the Nand Drivers in \drivers\media\nand. I've read the information in the developersguide_3700_1001_002.pdf about NAND and chapter 14 about GPMI from the datasheet.

I found the files *nand*test.c like nand_media_test.c and nand_stress_test.c that are using the functions from the drivers but when I call the function NANDMediaInit or NandHalInit the system stops.

Can anybody find give me a simple example that initialises the NAND flash communication and makes some read/write operations?

Thank you for your help,
Ioan Harna