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Linflex registers error in MPC5746R.h

Question asked by James Murray on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Martin Kovar

It seems that I've found another error in the S32DS v1.2 MPC5746R.h.


Referring to table 54-19 in the MPC5746RRM.pdf, the DMATXDE register is often at offset 0x58. The supplied header file always has it at offset 0x98. This results in a Machine Exception (IVOR1) when you try to write it.

I found this on Linflex 2.


    LINFlexD_2_DMATXE = 0;
 1048ece:    70 ff e7 e9     e_lis   r7,65513
 1048ed2:    48 06           se_li   r6,0
 1048ed4:    54 c7 00 98     e_stw   r6,152(r7)


i.e. 152(r7) = FFE90098 which generates an illegal write. It should be FFE90058