lwmem error ?

Discussion created by m.bach on Oct 30, 2017
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Hi There,


for some time now, I'm searching a bug which is really hard to find. Anyway, I reduced everything to a very small example code which crashes after several seconds.


The Scenario is described as:

- main1() and main2() are auto created tasks, started by MQX init

- both are just loops which are creating dynamic tasks dynamic1() and dynamic2()

- I'm using Kinetis K64-120 MHz, 256KB SRAM

- MQX Version is, so this should be fixed already: Bug Report: Memory pool corruption in _lwmem_alloc_align_internal 


Sometimes, _lwmem_test() reports Error 7 before everything hangs, which is MQX_CORRUPT_STORAGE_POOL_FREE_LIST, but more likely my system hangs before this is reported...



main.c and main.h is attached.


If I enabled MQX_USE_MEM instead of MQX_USE_LWMEM, the problem is gone, which makes me think there is an lwmem problem. On the other hand, the problem is also gone when enabling _time_delay(1) at the end of main2() and staying with lwmem.


This  seems very related to my Problem: stuck in _lwmem_get_next_block_internal() 

When the error condition occurs, _task_destroy_internal calls _lwmem_get_next_block_internal(), and than_lwmem_get_next_block_internal() crashes when trying to skip free blocks.