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Mirroring the vector table(bootloader)

Question asked by Ambarish Hundekar on Oct 27, 2017
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We are using s32K118 controller . i need to port the bootloader of Renesas to NXP.

Problem 1:

#pragma vector=0x3E
#pragma optimize=low
__interrupt void OSIRQ_Int31(void) @ "IRQ_VECTOR"
{ ((BL_pfvVirtualIrqAddr)(*(T_U16 __far *)(BL_nu32AppIVTBaseAddr + 0x3E))) (); }


this is one interrupt function used to create the mirror vector table for Renesas(used IAR Tool).


How to port the above mirror function for NXP controller.


the above syntax are specific to IAR compiler.


we are using S32K design studio, how to port the above function in the design studio?


Problem 2:


#pragma dataseg="BL_DATA_RAM"
__no_init T_U32 BL_gau32TM_Timer[BL_TIMER_MAX_NO_OF_TIMERS];
__no_init T_BOOL BL_gbDAACFlag;
__no_init u8BLCState_t BL_gu8BLCState;
__no_init u8DLTState_e BL_gu8DLTState;
__no_init u8BaudRate_e BL_gu8BaudRate;



The above code has written in IAR tool.

same code I used it in S32 Design studio, it is showing syntax error because of __no_init.


How to rewrite the above declaration in S32 design supportable format?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Kindly help us in this.