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Two CST versions calculate different hashes for same key

Question asked by Nenad Radulovic on Oct 25, 2017
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I have been using 17.06 LayerScape SDK successfully on LS1021A-TWR board and enabled Secure Boot with Confidentiality. The CPU was burned with OTPMK and SRK and everything works as expected.


Now I need to test the 17.09 SDK. The first thing I noticed during building is that CST utilities now print different hashes although the same keys were used ( and srk.pri), copied from previous project version. The board doesn't boot now, perhaps due to wrong key values being used.


What has changed? I've copied the two files (mentioned above) to CST build directory, am I missing something?


The commit from 17.09 (non-working) is 1afb40c13097fc9e8a641aa5d0420498fea01c65

The commit from 17.06 (working) is 6424157985568df3f42a46e24222e38671455ddb