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Programming LPC1227 via LPC-Link2

Discussion created by Ugur Kebir on Oct 13, 2017



I try to load program LPC1227 wit use LPC-Link2 . I followed the instructions, but I got an connection error. LPCXpresso IDE can see LPC-Link2 but LPC-Link2 can not see LPC1227 MCU. So I took Connection failed to MCU error.


Extra Info: When I try to connect the LPC1227, Against the possibility of making mistakes I try all JP1 and JP2 position combinations. But it is not working...


* I successfully installed LPC-Link2.


* LPCXpresso IDE see LPC-Link2



*Got error failed on connect




* Debug error due to connection failure






Possible error possibilities:

My Debug configurations may be incorrect. When I checked the boot debug probe, I noticed that the probe was LinkServer. Is it correct?



*I am absolutely sure that the MCU is working because I have already programmed it via LPCXpresso with Jlink Segger.

But now I want to upload program with use LPC-Link2. I initially connect the ISP pin to GND. Then I take it back to switch debug mode the LPC1227. Maybe I'm making a mistake at this point.


Do you have any idea about the connection failure?