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Does the CMSIS-DAPof FRDM K22 support on Linux?

Question asked by Alven WU on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Fang Li

When I plug the usb cable in the FRDM K22 in a linux environment, the status led becomes being on , and the folder MBED become available.  But when I try to copy the .bin file to the virtual disk call MBED , the status led flashes and the GREEN led turns on, but after the copy done, the MBED becomes disconnected and then reconnected , but the copyed .bin file vanished.   and the GREEN led still is on.   Who can explain the meaning of green LED being on.

In that situation , I even can not download any .bin files into the ARM flash and get it running.  and when i try to update the bootloader files in the bootloader folder, the same thing happens, which means it is impossible to upgrade the bootloader.

Experienced environment : Linux 4.12.11, K22 openSDA 2.1 , cmsis-dap v100