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I installed KDS 3.2 and MQX 4.2 but Debugg MQX TAD drop down menu is missing

Question asked by Tak Ming Marco Pang on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by arnogir

Good Morning! [EDIT: MQX PLUGINS ARE INSTALLED. This issue isn't from not installing it but the lack of menu in the debug perspective]

I have recently purchased a new laptop and tried installing KDS 3.2 (By itself) then MQX (4.2) both in my c:\Freescale folder. Due to previous success on my old laptop, I was about to get everything running fine!

The problem is as follows: There is no MQX dropdown menu, even when I am in the debug perspective. 
I have already re-installed the plugins, KDS AND MQX to no avail. So can someone at NXP answer my question?
(I've sift through about 20 other pages and none of them are relevant or just says 'Look at Debug Perspective', when that is NOT the case.) 

Thank you in advance!

Attachment is a screenshot of where MQX is meant to be.
MQX missing in Debug Perspective