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A request about I.MX6 series USB Certification

Question asked by Xiang Qian on Oct 1, 2017
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We have worked on IMX6 platform with Android 6.0 based on Kernel 4.1.5. We need to pass USB-IF Certification.


From a guides as below, we can output Test packet for eye diagram test by using memtool without PID/VID Test Fixture. It looks the eye diagram is fine in open keysight laboratory.
     memtool 0x2184184=0x18441205      // Force to output Test Packet for Eye Diagram Test


But USB cerification needs 8 items to test as below:

VID               PID

0x1A0A       0x0101  /* Test_SE0_NAK */
0x1A0A       0x0102  /* Test_J */
0x1A0A       0x0103  /* Test_K */
0x1A0A       0x0104  /* Test_Packet */
0x1A0A       0x0106  /* HS_HOST_PORT_SUSPEND_RESUME */
0x1A0A       0x0107  /* SINGLE_STEP_GET_DEV_DESC */
0x1A0A       0x0108  /* SINGLE_STEP_GET_DEV_DESC_DATA */
0x1A0A       0x0200  /* TEST_OTG_TEST_DEVICE_SUPPORT*/


For 0x0106/0x0107/0x0108/0x0200 , could you give their commands or method ?


If I want to write USB PHY register in kernel driver, I only set USBC_n_PORTSC1 register ?  write what value ?

what register shall I write for the commands as below?


memtool 0x2184384=0x18001305      // Force to output Reset
memtool 0x2184384=0x18001285      //Ho Force to output Suspend
memtool 0x2184384=0x18001245      // Force to output Resume


Could you help us and give a sample ?


Thanks a lot.