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MPC5777c On-line BIST

Question asked by Vrushali Taklikar on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by Peter Vlna

Hello everyone,


I am trying Online BIST on MPC5777C, i have selected clock configuartions as specified in referenece mannual and during run_online_bists()when it enters in either full, auto or reduced test after giving unlock stcu commands it jumps to location 0x800400 and stuck there during my debug session and not proceed further.

My code is as below: 

int main(void)

eTPU_AB_SCR.ECR_ENG1.B.MDIS = 1;   //disable etpu eng1 as recommended in RM
eTPU_AB_SCR.ECR_ENG2.B.MDIS = 1;   //disable etpu eng2 as recommended in RM
run_online_bists();                   //function from stcu guide for mpc5777c online_bist_3N45H.c
read_online_bists_results();    //function from stcu guide for mpc5777c online_bist_3N45H.c
return 0;


I have also disable etpu as shown above and it is recommended in RM. 


Test Cases gone through:

1. Pll0 clock set to 50 MHz.

2. Pll0 clock set to 200MHz.

3. Full test, auto test and reduced test configurations.

4. Checks done on two different chips.

5. This run_online_bists(); has both MBIST and LBIST exists, i have also tried only MBIST or LBIST same result no improvement.


Is i am missing something? please help me to get it done.


Thank you.