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imx7s - how to R/W BLE GATT data from other on-board applications?

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Sep 18, 2017
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I have a custom BLE GATT profile working with BlueZ and can R/W characteristic values over BLE from a mobile phone etc. The difficulty I'm having is finding information on how to get access to the characteristic data on board my imx7s platform. The BLE profile will set-up various product functionality and be a general user tool. For example if the user wants to change the host name, set a LED, add another WIFI user to wpa_supplicant and so forth. So as mentioned, I can change the data via a phone, but how do I tap into Bluez and access the data from another application also running on the same Linux OS?


[ Phone ] App ( sets LED characteristic to on ) ================> [imx7s] HCI => Bluez => Custom Profile => BlueZ < ==  ?? How  => C application that sets the LED to on.


The ??How is the mystery. Can I access and R/W my custom Profile's GATT characteristic via D-Bus for similar?