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imx6 usb charger driver for kernel 4.2.6

Question asked by Xavier RAZAVET on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Xavier RAZAVET


We work currently with the imx6 and we have a problem with a driver for USB charger detection.

At the beginning of the project, we used the kernel 3.10.17 with the driver linux/drivers/power/driver imx6_usb_charger.c and buildroot2014 with ucLibC.


Now, we want to use a Qt version 5.x with the buildroot2016 package under gLibC compilation (gLibC mandatory for display purpose). The default kernel version is 4.2.6.

And it is impossible to take the kernel 3.10.17 because the lower gLibC in buildroot2016 is the version 2.22. And the kernel 3.10.17 is too old after compilation for this gLibC version 2.22 …


In the link below, the kernel 3.10.17 has been compiled for example with the gLibC, version 2.13:


So, we must use the kernel 4.2.6 version for this gLibC 2.22 version.

And this kernel does not include the imx6_usb_charger.c driver. And the version dedicated for kernel 3.10.17 is not compatible with kernel 4.2.6


I have found the link below with a driver newer (imx6_usb_charger_Kernel_x.x.x.c):

But this version still not compatibles with the kernel 4.2.6.


May be have you develop an USB charger detection driver compatible with a kernel 4.x.x ?


Or, another solution will be to decrease the gLibC version in the builroot2016 but there are only 2.22 or 2.23 proposed…

Do you know how to decrease the gLibC version in builroot because change the version in “.config” has no effect. If you put 2.13 in “.config” file, in menuconfig, the version 2.22 comes back…


Thanks in advance for your support.