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Re: 10 Bit Monochrome CMOS Image Sensor Interface.

Question asked by Harish S on Sep 5, 2017
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Currently we are acquiring data from our image sensor in 16 bit YUV422 format. Our sensor is connected in gated clock mode through CSI parallel interface. 8-bit Y component is directly acquired from the monochrome image sensor, the remaining 8 bit CbCr component is hardware configured as 80H to maintain color component to mid value, so that we capture only the gray scale value from image sensor.


We are using Linux kernel 4.x kernel  mxc_v4l2_capture driver for capturing the camera video frames. MXC_v4l2_capture driver does have support CSI0_DATA_WIDTH for 16 bit per colour  (1001).so we added the support  in the mxc_V4l2_capture driver  for 16 bit per color.


We have configured the pixel format as  YUV422  and capturing the video frames.while analyzing the captured frames raw data we are getting UV components  in even sample data(0x80YY), but in the odd sample we are getting Y components only(oxYYYY). i.e UV components is kindly help us to solve the problem.


RAW Data samples for YUV422 16 bit configuration:

8031 3431 8035 3335 8034 3432 8032 3633
8030 3333 8034 3433 8032 3232 8033 3034