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Bug in CoAP library for KW41Z?

Question asked by Bernhard Petschina on Sep 5, 2017
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I am currently implementing the CoAP block options for our application, when I noticed that CoAP option parameters are not correctly handled by the library provided by NXP.


According to RFC7252 section 3.1 a CoAP option can have an extended option delta if the option name does not fit in the 4 bits of the header.


The problem I have is that the extended option delta is not correctly handled by the library:

When parsing the rx options of the coapSession_t struct in the coap handler, the extended option field is used as the option value and the actual value is parsed as additional options.


By the way, the length of the coap value can also be split into an extended length field, but this is correctly handled by the library.


Library versions:

Connectivity Framework v5.3.3

NXP Thread v1.1.1.15

IEEE 802.15.4 MAC v5.3.3



Bernhard Petschina