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MPC5777C etpu phase error

Question asked by Baiming Shao on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Baiming Shao

Hi All,


I have a question regarding the MPC5777C etpu. What I did is following:


I downloaded the eTPU pwmmac function from eTPU Function Selector, config it with graphical configuration tool. I use TCR1 as the clock of engine A, set channel 0 as a master of a 1-phase output, channel 1 as the output PWM signals. Besides that, I also add another 1-phase PWM output, using channel 2 as master, and channel 3 as PWM signals. Both of these two PWM functions are left edge aligned.


Since channels are using the same clock, and are both in engine A, I would assume the output of channel 1 and channel 3 are always left edge aligned. However, at power up, there is always a phase error between these two. But if I reset the CPU using either the debugger, or the hardware pin, the phase error is gone.


Any idea?