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[KEAN64] How to get bus clock10 MHz from external crystal 8 MHz while FLL multiplier value equals 1024

Question asked by Mohammed Aboelnasr on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Kerry Zhou



On board TRK-KEAZN64, I'd like to get 10 MHz Bus clock and system clock 32 MHz.


The issue is that i have FLL multiplier equals 1024 which supports frequency in terms of 4 MHz only.

However, I seek 10 MHz which is not available with this FLL.


I mean that if my FLL multiplier equals 1000, My issue would be solved.


Any help instead of searching for crystal 10 Mhz because it is so hard to find another crystal of the proper type with 10 MHz. Actually my used crystal is that one assigned for the OpenSDA controller. I got it from another board.